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We are Australia's leading recycled timber company

Everything we sell is made from our own recycled Australian timber- we process it from start to finish. We don’t cut corners- every piece of timber we supply is 100% Australian hardwood timber. It has taken over a decade to perfect our recycled timber process, making it the best product you can find in Australia. 

We supply for both retail and wholesale.

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Our Timber Recycling Process

All of our timber is 100% reclaimed or recycled. All of our timber is collected through our sister demolition business- The Salvage Centre. From there, we save as much usable timber as possible and restore it, making it brand new again. In this post, we will give you some insight into this process.


Sustainable Demolition

Our sister business The Salvage Centre is a sustainable demolition company that collects as much usable timber from their jobs as possible. In the past, it has been cheaper and easier for demolition companies to simply take the timber to landfill. We understand that the easiest option is not always the best option. We save as much timber as possible from entering landfill and have come up with original and unique ways to recycle it.


Quality Control & Shipping

Once the timber has arrived at the Geelong Warehouse, it is sorted, inspected and checked for visual defects. We have another, more stringent quality control process after the timber is re-milled. With multiple inspections, we are confident that our products are of the highest quality for our customers. The will look out for things like mould, fungi, physical damage and insects. Any timber that doesn’t meet our expectations is taken to landfill. The remaining timber will be sorted and packed, ready to send to our factory in Malaysia.


Milling and Crafting

Once the timber has arrived at our factory in Malaysia, it is milled and crafted into a new product. Some items require more processing than others. For example, many of the floorboards we salvage are still in great condition and just require a sanding and polish. Other times we recycle a piece of timber into a totally new product. You can read more about the difference between recycling and reclaiming here


Flooring Distributed and Installed

Once the timber has arrived at the Geelong Warehouse, it is distributed to our customers and contractors. Some of our flooring is send out raw and natural, with a few coast of our high quality pre finish- Loba. This is a great way to showcase the natural beauty of the timber.

Our recycled timber is used for many other applications including cladding, bench tops, furniture.

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Messmate Furniture

All of our furniture is made with our own recycled messmate timber. We have full transparency over the entire process, from when the timber is pulled down from construction sites, processed into ‘new’ timber and assembled into furniture.

We are the only company in Australia that crafts a recycled product from start to finish, therefore we can guarantee one of the highest quality products on the market. All of our furniture is assembled and quality checked in our Geelong warehouse.

We sell messmate dining tables, bench seats, entertainment units, vanities and much more. Everything id make to order and can be custom designed to suit your needs.

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Supplying timber to Geelong, Melbourne and australia wide

‘They don’t make them like that anymore’

Products these days just don’t gave the same quality as they once did. As our population has grown, we have had to find ways to make things faster, cheaper and more efficient. But the downside to this is, the quality is lost. 

At Reconstructed, we believe that old timber is better than new. Timber from the past is stronger, harder and more stable than it is today. Old timber is grown with tighter rings, compared to the fast growing plantations of today. This means it is much denser and less prone to splitting, warping and rotting. Recycled timber is loaded with character and every piece has its own unique story to tell. We collect our timber from our sister demolition company The Salvage Centre, where it is carefully inspected, restored and repurposed, ready for a new life. We have a massive recycled timber warehouse in Geelong. We supply our recycled timber all over Melbourne and Australia wide. 

In the spirit of Reconciliation, reconstructed acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

Zero Carbon

We are committed to net zero carbon emissions. By choosing to recycle, we are keeping trees in the ground to absorb carbon dioxide in the air, creating a cleaner planet.

Reducing Landfill

Every year, two million tonnes of timber ends up in Australian landfill. Our goal is to reduce that by salvaging old timber and giving it a new life.

Saving Forests

Two million acres of forest is converted to fast timber plantations globally. By recycling timber, we are helping to save our precious forests.

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