Maximising Salvaged Timber with our Engineered Floorboards

Maximising Salvaged Timber with our 100% Recycled Engineered Floorboards

It’s easy to see how timber remains to be one of the most popular choices for flooring. Its timeless, natural beauty will warm up any living space. With proper care, a good quality timber will last a lifetime. However, with an ever growing need for this precious natural resource, we need to start prioritising eco friendlier timber options.

That’s why we created engineered timber floor boards are made from 100% recycled timber. They are more eco-friendly than solid timber flooring- the ideal choice for the environmentally-conscious. At the moment, we are the only manufacturer in Australia producing such a unique product. 

Most engineered floorboards are made with a layer of high quality hardwood as the surface. This is usually mounted onto a plank that is made of plywood. This layer provides cushioning and a moisture barrier. Because there is real timber on the top, you get the benefits of a timber floor – natural variation, gum veins, knots etc from timber floor boards but without the cost. The main benefit of engineered wood is that it’s much cheaper than its solid alternatives. 

reconstructed recycled flooring

We have taken another step further. Instead of using plywood for the floating layer, we have replaced this with recycled hardwood. These are pieces of high quality recycled hardwood that are unfortunately too small to be used for a floorboard. Rather than sending these pieces to landfill, we have used them to create the underside of the floorboard. This maximises as much waste as possible, making us one of the leading recycled timber manufacturers in Australia. Similar to solid timber, these floorboards are highly durable, low maintenance and one of the most sustainable options of the market. You’re also getting the benefits of solid timber, without the hefty price tag. 

The top layer of our 100% recycled floorboards is make of Tasmanian Oak. Warm, dense and resilient, Tasmanian oak is the preferred hardwood for a wide range of applications. It works extremely well and produces an excellent finish. The floating layer is made with 100% Australian sourced recycled timber. All of our timber is FSC certified, which is the most respected certification today. All of our floorboards come prefinished with premium Loba timber finish, to provide the maximum protection of the beautiful timber. 

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