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Messmate Dining Tables

The kitchen and dining table is the heart of your home. With that being said, our Messmate dining tables are our most popular furniture item. When we look back on memories with our families, so many of them have happened around the dining room table. In the past few years, it’s also been a place to work or for children to do homework. A surface of such high use needs to be durable enough to withstand all of these activities, therefore it’s important to ensure it’s of lasting quality.

A nice dining table can easily elevate the aesthetics of your home. The colour of the Messmate timber ranges from a mid-tone brown to light beige. Messmate timber is often heavily featured with deep veins and twisted knots, even nail holes and water features- telling tales of the timber’s past. 

Sorrento Messmate Dining Table

Where aesthetics and functionality combine, the Sorrento is easily one of our best selling dining tables. It’s made with our own recycled Australian messmate timber as the table top and glazed with a high quality polyurethane finish. The table sits upon a set of black, steel cross legs, which are also made in Australia. This table is extremely versatile, with its contemporary yet rustic feel. It will bring an earthy to your living space and is sure to impress your guests. Pair with either our matching bench seats, or with your own set of chairs.

Fairhaven Messmate Dining Table

A simple yet eye catching design, the Fairhaven is a table for the creative minimalist. Made with Australian messmate timber that brings out the stories of its past in its textured veins. As with all our furniture, the table top is glazed with a high quality polyurethane finish. The table sits upon a four pillar leg design, made from the same rich and textured messmate timber as its top. This table is would be a perfect way to bring some life into your dining room. 

Angelsea Messmate Dining Table

The round shape of the Anglesea Dining Table is the ideal shape for making conversation with guests. Whether it’s a Sunday roast, a poker night or afternoon tea, this table will help you create many memories. It’s created with our own Australian Messmate timber and assembled in our Geelong warehouse. The table sits upon a simple yet sturdy black cross legged design, which complement the rich grains of the timber top.

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