Why timber furniture finish matters?

If you’ve been in the market for timber furniture, you’ve probably noticed that the prices of some products are greater than others, while they seemingly look the same. There are many factors that play a role in this, one in particular is the quality of the timber finish used.

timber Finishes

A good finish is essential for protecting timber from things like scratches, rotting and water damage. There are many different types of finishes such as oil, wax and polyurethane.  

When manufacturers decide on a type of furniture finish, it’s important to consider what the piece will be used for. A high use area such as a table or chair would need more protection from things like tableware, water spills and general wear and tear. Therefore, a much higher quality finish would need to be used. However, a high quality finish usually comes with an increased cost and this is weighed up with manufacturers.

At Reconstructed, we value sustainability and longevity. Good quality timber is a precious resource, and we don’t believe it should be treated like a disposable product. Therefore, our aim is to ensure that the products we make are going to last as long as possible. We use Loba as our finish, which is considered a benchmark product in the market. 

High quality vs cheap finish comparison

To see the difference a high quality finish makes, let’s look at an example. The top images are from a coffee table that cost $600 and the bottom image is of one of our dining tables (coffee table equivalent would be $965). The dining table is two years old while the coffee table is just one year old. You can already see how much the coffee table has faded and discoloured in a year, while the dining table is still rich in colour. The finish of the dining table also brings out the texture of the timber much more than the coffee table. 

The coffee table has been very susceptible to water damage and is covered in marks and stains caused by glassware and coasters. This is because a cheap finish was used. The dining table is yet to show any marks, despite being a more high use piece of furniture than a coffee table. 


Visible stains from coaster
Timber faded and discoloured
No stains or marks
Timber still strong in colour

A piece of furniture is an investment for years or even decades, therefore it’s important to ensure you’re getting a quality product from the start. We are the only company in Australia that is in control of the entire timber recycling process- from pulling it down from demolition sites, converting it into brand new timber and constructing it into furniture. We have total visibility over the entire process and this is why we are able to produce the highest quality recycled products in Australia. 

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