How We Are Leading The Way For Sustainable Innovation

At Reconstructed, environmental sustainability is one of our core values. Climate change is a critical worldwide issue, but we are implementing small steps to tackle bigger problems. Over two million tonnes of timber ends up in Australian landfill every year and 2.5 million acres of land worldwide are converted to fast-wood forests! While many companies are moving to creating or using sustainable and recycled timber, still so much usable timber is thrown away because it’s too challenging to expensive or recycle. 

recycled floating layer

We are the leading company in minimising as much waste as possible by converting it into innovating new products. One example of this is our Reconstructed Engineered Floorboard. 

Most engineered floorboards are made with a layer of high quality hardwood as the surface. This is usually mounted onto a plank that is made of plywood.

With our boards, we have replaced plywood for the floating layer with recycled hardwood offcuts. These pieces are generally too small to be used for floorboard surfaces and would otherwise just go to landfill. These boards have the same properties of standard engineered boards yet are much more sustainable, since they are made of 100% recycled wood.  

reconstructed recycled flooring
Underside of our Reconstructed Engineered Boards

recycled stair treads

Another product that we have innovated is our recycled stair tread. Similarly to our engineered flooring, we have created this product in order to utilise as much recycled material as possible. Essentially, we have used small offcuts of recycled timber (that would normally go to landfill) to create the core of the tread. The outer layer is constructed of solid recycled hardwood.The outer layer can then be stained or finished to give the aesthetic needed. These treads are durable and versatile, with the stable inner core will help prevent warping and twisting. 

Stair tread with Recycled Inner Core

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