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We Give Timber A New Life

Every piece of timber has a story to tell

 At Reconstructed, we give timber a new life. We’re not just recycling timber, we’re re-imagining it and making it better than it was before.

We work alongside our sister business- The Salvage Centre, a demolition company who save building materials from going to landfill. We source our timber from old houses, factories and warehouses when they are about to be demolished. We hand-remove all the timber and restore it- making it better than it was before.

We use old timber for new things: floorboards, panelling and furniture. When you choose our recycled timber, you’re not only doing your bit in helping the earth, but you’re getting a better quality product at the same time! 


Recycling timber helps save the planet by reducing both deforestation and landfill. Our recycled timber has no toxics, no VOCs and no nasties.

Quality Product

Old timber has unique characteristics and qualities that you just can't replicate anymore. It's stronger, more durable, more termite resistant, as well as bursting with so much character.

Old is old. You just can’t reproduce it. That is one big advantage we’ve got over every other product on the market.
Cam Loney
Owner of Reconstructed

Recycled Timber- Geelong and Melbourne

‘They don’t make them like that anymore’

Products these days just don’t gave the same quality as they once did. As our population has grown, we have had to find ways to make things faster, cheaper and more efficient. But the downside to this is, the quality is lost. 

At Reconstructed, we believe that old timber is better than new. Timber from the past is stronger, harder and more stable than it is today. Old timber is grown with tighter rings, compared to the fast growing plantations of today. This means it is much denser and less prone to splitting, warping and rotting. Timber from the past is loaded with character and every piece has its own unique story to tell. We collect our timber from our sister demolition company The Salvage Centre, where it is carefully inspected, restored and repurposed, ready for a new life. We have a massive recycled timber warehouse in Geelong. We supply our recycled timber all over Melbourne and Australia wide. 

Environmental sustainability is one of our core values.

All of our timber is FSC™ certified, as well as carbon neutral. Climate change is a critical worldwide issue, but we are implementing small steps to tackle bigger problems. Over two million tonnes of timber ends up in Australian landfill every year and 2.5 million acres of land worldwide are converted to fast-wood forests! By choosing recycled timber- you’re not only getting a quality product, but you’re making a more eco-friendly choice. 

Using recycled timber offers many benefits. Some of which include carbon sequestration, protecting native plant and animal species from deforestation and keeping the air clean. Another benefit is keeping perfectly usable timber from ending up in landfill. As a society, we tend to be moving into a ‘disposable’ mindset where sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to throw something away than to fix it. But this is not sustainable, especially as our precious essential resources are becoming ever more sparse. 

We pride ourselves on having one of the most eco-friendly recycled timbers in Australia

Zero Carbon

We are committed to net zero carbon emissions. By choosing to recycle, we are keeping trees in the ground to absorb carbon dioxide in the air, creating a cleaner planet.

Reducing Landfill

Every year, two million tonnes of timber ends up in Australian landfill. Our goal is to reduce that by salvaging old timber and giving it a new life.

Saving Forests

Two million acres of forest is converted to fast timber plantations globally. By recycling timber, we are helping to save our precious forests.

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