Reconstructed Flooring

Most engineered floorboards (also known as floating timber boards) are made with a layer of high quality hardwood as the surface. This is usually mounted onto a plank that is made of plywood. Engineered boards are also known as floating floorboards, because the hardwood ‘floats’ on top of this bottom later. This layer provides cushioning and a moisture barrier. Because there is real timber on the top, you get the benefits of a timber floor – natural variation, gum veins, knots etc from timber floor boards.
With our boards, we have replaced plywood for the ‘floating’ layer with recycled hardwood offcuts. These pieces are generally too small to be used for floorboard surfaces and would otherwise just go to landfill. By using this process, these boards are more durable and stronger than standard engineered boards and maximising as much recycled timber as possible.

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