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Merri Northcote | Local Makers Project Video
Designed to let nature in
Situated on the banks of Merri Creek, and just a short stroll from the bustling Westgarth village, Merri Northcote has been designed to complement the natural beauty of the creek and reflect the values of the surrounding community. With access to shared rooftop gardens, tree-top views and a focus on sustainable living, these are homes designed for people to connect with nature and be part of a lively inner-city community. 5 Star Green Star certified and 7 Star NatHERS rated, the best-in-class sustainability features also ensure your apartment will operate carbon neutral, delivering tangible benefits to the resident and the environment.
Nightingale Village by Nightingale Housing

Nightingale Village in Melbourne’s inner-north is the first realisation of Nightingale’s triple-bottom-line approach to housing applied at precinct scale. Comprising 203 homes across six multi-residential buildings by Austin Maynard ArchitectsClare Cousins ArchitectsKennedy NolanHayballBreathe and Architecture architecture, the Village is grounded in Nightingale’s principles surrounding social, environmental and economic sustainability. Embedded in an appreciation for how design can not only foster but actively trigger authentic communities, it is a compelling archetype for the future of medium density development in Australia.

The Village

The Village is a collection of six neighbouring buildings, each designed by a different award-winning architect using the social, environmental and financial sustainability principles of the Nightingale model. These principles are embedded in every building, and across the street.
Nightingale Evergreen

With only 27 apartments, Nightingale Evergreen is the smallest building in the Village and boasts a direct connection to Bulleke-bek Park on West Street.

Textured concrete external walls define the lower floors of the building, for seasonal vegetation to adorn. Upper floors are expressed by a deep green metal skin with steel framing members supporting balconies open to the sky. At ground level verdant plantings line the building’s colonnade entry, which is open-air and washed in afternoon sun. The entry leads to a central garden, and an open-air stair connecting the two halves of the building, allowing generous light and ventilation through the centre and all habitable rooms.

Nightingale Leftfield

Nightingale Leftfield by Kennedy Nolan is the Village’s red brick address on Duckett Street. Entry is via the lofty, sheltered pedestrian access along the western edge of the building, raised and protected from the Upfield bike path by lush planting. Beyond the front door is a garden court filled with colourful light from the west, offering access to the building’s open air staircase. The building encourages residents to take the stair and provides relaxed spaces for chance encounters with neighbours and friends.⁣

Architect: Kennedy Nolan
Nightingale CRT+YRD

Located at the heart of the Village, CRT+YRD by Hayball is designed from the inside out. A thoughtfully landscaped central courtyard gives the building its name, and offers all apartments a dual aspect, providing abundant lighting and passive ventilation.

Hayball’s design uses natural and robust materials celebrating identity and longevity as well as championing lower long-term maintenance. Where natural materials are used their inherent materiality is celebrated, including any natural imperfections, which ultimately contribute to the unique character of each space.

Architect: Hayball
Nightingale ParkLife

Austin Maynard Architects’ ParkLife overlooks Bulleke-bek Park to the north, freely accessible from Duckett Street at the south via a breezy walkway through the building’s ground floor. This development is one of the most sustainable in Australia with a NatHERS rating of 9.1 stars. The distinctive building exterior is clad in highly insulated white steel, with hooks, grilles and rods allowing vegetation to proliferate. Intentional communal spaces include spacious outdoor areas between apartments on each level, and a rooftop featuring a community amphitheatre with city views and productive gardens.

Urban Coup

Breathe and Architecture architecture collaborated to create Urban Coup at the southern end of The Village. Urban Coup are a deliberative housing community who aim to live together in more socially integrated ways. Their building in The Village is the first vertical community of its kind in Australia.

Nightingale has worked with Urban Coup to help bring the Urban Coup community to life as part of the Village. As this building is being delivered under a co-housing model for a pre-existing resident community, Urban Coup it was not balloted to the general public.

Architect: Breathe
Nightingale Skye House

Skye House by Breathe sits at the eastern edge of The Village. Drawing inspiration from Ricardo Bofill’s The Factory, the repeated arches along the Duckett Street facade are also a re-interpretation of a familiar Brunswick motif, referencing the eclectic Mediterranean houses scattered around the suburb. The use of textured paint over the arches encourages greenery to take hold. Internally, the building features two central light courts to the East and West, which allow for natural daylight penetration to bedrooms, and encourage residents to engage with the open, verdant green courtyards below.

Architect: Breathe

Ferrars & York, South Melbourne

Located just 100 metres from the iconic South Melbourne Markets, Ferrars & York sets a new standard for self-sufficient apartment living. Designed in collaboration with Six Degrees Architects and enabled by HIP V. HYPE, this development features 22 carbon neutral apartments, all powered by 100% renewable energy and representing best practice in climate resilient design and construction.

Building upon their success with Nightingale 2.0, HIP V. HYPE wanted to ensure Ferrars & York took optimisation, sustainability and innovative design to the next level. “So much of what we seek to do is make sustainable living easier and more convenient,” says Liam Wallis, Founder of HIP V. HYPE. “We wanted to take all our learnings from Nightingale 2.0, and create a building that was a step up.”

Everything in Ferrars & York’s design speaks to quality, durability and long-term value, particularly its low impact, responsibly-sourced products, energy-efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems, and emphasis on natural light. Open walkways and a communal roof yard complete with fireplace and barbeque place an emphasis on community and create a sense of belonging.

Ferrars & York’s carbon-neutral design will be the first of its kind in South Melbourne. To achieve this, HIP V. HYPE undertook a lifecycle analysis to calculate the embodied carbon used to construct the building itself, and then voluntarily purchased certified climate offsets from Climate Active.

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