Rough Sawn Flooring

Rough Sawn Timber

What is rough sawn flooring? 

Rough sawn timber is still in the same state it was in when originally cut from the log and dried. This gives it a more rustic and rugged look than if it were milled and dressed. 

Another upside to rough sawn is that there’s less costs involved to treat it, unlike dressed timber which goes through a number of processes before it can be sold. These cost savings is passed onto the customer, ultimately giving you a more unique product for a lower price.    



Specifications and Pricing

Engineered, rough sawn, 100%
Australian sourced recycled timber.
No two planks are the same appearance depends on
the timbers previous use and exposure.


Finish: N/A

Length: Random Length 900mm to 2400mm

Coverage per carton: 2-3m2 depending on width

Installation: Glue/secret nail. Direct stick. Metal clips

Board Joint System: Square Edge/end matched

Board Thickness: 15mm +/- 0.25mm

Board width: Nominated +/-0.3mm

Surface wear layer: 3mm +/- 0.5mm

Grade: Natural Featured

Coating Types: N/A

Species: 100% Mixed Eucalyptus Vic Hardwoods

Width Price per square metre

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