Sanding and coatings

All our floors are supplied raw, ready for a light sand and coating for an amazing finish. We recommend a hardwax finish which gives the floor high durability and makes it easy to maintain.

Prefinished boards

We can also supply prefinished floorboards to speed up the installation process.

Bespoke staining

We offer the possibility of bespoke and unique staining of the floorboards according to the customer’s specification and reqirements. This option is also availble on the prefinished boards.

Installation methods

Due to its unique construction, our solid engineered floors can be installed as a structural floor on battens or over joists. Our enginered floors can be installed as a floating floor, or as a traditional glued and nailed timber floor installation over ply or particle board.

No chemicals

The recycled floorboards have no toxics, no VOCs and no nasties.


Due to the cross laminations of the flooring substrate, the stability of the engineered product is much better then its solid counterpart.


The timber has been recycled from demolishing sites in Victoria by The Salvage Centre.

Ecological stewardship

30 per cent of landfill origins from the building industry and as the climate and ecological crisis escalates around us, we believe the building sector has a responsibility to lead the transition to a circular, zero waste economy. We encourage everybody we work with to reuse and recycle as many materials as possible and ensure that materials and packaging can be disposed of in a proper manner at local recycling depots.


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